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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) / Immunofluorescence (IF)
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We provide customized immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and nucleic acid detection services:

  • In depth consultations to assess staining strategies. Includes customized antibody and control tissue searches -- many human control tissues and cell lines are already available
  • Chromogenic or fluorescent detection methods offered
  • Multiplex staining available


Custom antibody work-up in the core facility

The Johns Hopkins Oncology Tissue Services Immunostaining Core Facility performs custom antibody work-up. Related fees include a $100 set-up fee per antibody (covers: Initial consultation, experiment setup and administrative costs) plus $35 per slide for the optimization run(s) conducted during antibody work-up and eventual staining of the actual slides in question. The investigator supplies the antibodies. Each case is unique and fees may change depending on the scope of the request. Quotes can be provided.

Immunostaining is notoriously prone to generating false negative and false positive results. Unless there are well validated antibodies available for the target of interest we STRONGLY recommend that the investigators source robust positive and negative controls to be used during the initial antibody work-ups.

Examples of cell line controls for antibody validation:

  • Gene knock-outs and knock-ins
  • Cells treated with agents well known to significantly change expression of the target protein
  • siRNA-treated cells to significantly lower expression
  • Cells transfected with expression vectors, such as plasmids or lentivirus, etc.

    Examples of tissue controls for antibody validation:

  • Tissues that are well documented to endogenously express no/low versus high amounts of the target
  • Mouse knock-out or knock-in lines
  • Diseased versus normal tissues with known differences in expression of the target
  • Without such rigorous controls it can be very difficult to interpret any staining eventually generated on your actual tissues of interest.

    Furthermore, if there are no known well validated antibodies for your target, we advise trying multiple different antibodies during the work-up phase in order to increase the probability of finding one that performs well..

    A typical antibody workflow may look like this:

    1. Consult with investigator

    2. Obtain candidate antibody and source positive and negative control cells or tissues

    3. Perform initial staining run on controls

    4. Use information from initial run to conduct additional optimization/validation run(s)

    5. Once antibody has been validated and optimal conditions are determined for staining, run pilot staining runs on the investigator's tissue of interest

    There are no guaranteed results from using this service.* Fees will be accessed on work done and not outcome. Please provide primary antibody spec sheets with requisition. For best results please have your tissue processed and sectioned in our TMA/Histology Core facility.

    * Each case is unique and fees may change depending on the scope of the request. For the development of a new antibody, we charge based on the number of slides stained to develop the antibody, rather than provide a single price, as antibody development can vary extensively. Quotes can be provided.

    Non-JHU affiliates should send an inquiry to Helen Fedor.

    Prices listed are for JHU Cancer Center members and are subject to change. Prices for non-cancer center members can be found here

    Service Fee 1 $100.00
    Consultation (per 1/4 hour)2 $50.00
    Single antibody immunostain (per slide) - Researcher Provided3 $35.00
    Single antibody immunostain (per slide) - OTS Core Provided4 $45.00
    CISH (per slide)5 $130.00
    Control slide - single tissue $10.00
    Control slide - Tissue Microarray Inquire
    Custom cell line array Inquire
    Flat slide holder $8.50
    Microscope consult (per 1/4 hr.) $25.00
    Fluorescence Microscope user fee (per 1/4 hr.) $25.00

    1) Set up fee includes an initial consultative meeting, administrative and experimental setup costs. There is no initial consultation cost for antibodies that have been worked up in the core facility (antibodies listed below).
    2) Consultation - assistance in finding antibodies, appropriate controls, etc.
    3) Includes cost of all non-antibody reagents, technician time and consumables.
    4) Includes cost of the antibody and all non-antibody reagents, technician time and consumables.
    5) Includes cost of reagents, technician time and consumables. Investigator must supply the probe.

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    Available Antibodies for IHC / IF

    Check with core before confirmation of the use of these antibodies. Some antibody's may no longer be available.

      Antibody Reacts with
      5-methyl cytosinehuman
      alpha Smooth Muscle Actinhuman, rat, mouse, rabbit
      Androgen Receptor (D6F11)human, mouse
      anti-CD3 (Early T Cell Marker)human, mouse
      anti-CD31/PECAM-1 (Endothelial Cell Marker)human, mouse
      B2 Microglobulin human
      BM8 (Macrophage) mouse
      C3 dog
      C4dhuman, rat, mouse
      Caspase 3 (ASP175) (activated)human, mouse, rat
      Caspase 3human, rat, mouse, pig
      Caspase-3 (ASP175)(5A1E)(activated)human,
      CD103human, rat
      CD11bhuman, mouse
      CD135 human
      CD138 (Syndecan)human, rat, mouse, pig
      CD163 (ED2) rat
      CD20 cyhuman
      CD3human, rat, mouse
      CD34human, mouse
      CD39human, mouse
      CD4 - Novocastra
      CD4 - Serotechuman
      CD4 - ThermoFisherhuman
      CD4 - Ventanahuman
      CD45 - Dakohuman
      CD45 (rat anti-mouse)mouse
      CD45 RA (OX33) rat
      CD45 ROhuman
      CD45R mouse
      CD68 - Dakohuman
      CD68 - Ventanahuman
      CD73 (NT5E)human
      CD8 - Dakohumn
      CD8 - ThermoFisherhuman (mouse -)
      CD8 - Ventanahuman
      CD8 (OX8) rat
      cKIThuman, rat, mouse
      CKR 5 (CCR5) rat
      CLCX9 mouse
      c-Myc (MYC) (Y69)human, mouse, rat
      Connexin 43human, mouse
      CXCR3human, rat, mouse
      CXCR4human, mouse
      Cytokeratin 15
      Cytokeratin 18 (TROMA-I)Human, mouse
      Cytokeratin 5/8?
      Cytokeratin 5
      Cytokeratin 8 (lum CK)human, mouse
      Cytokeratin 903 (43βE12) - Enzo LifeScienceshuman
      Cytokeratin 903 (43βE12) - Ventanahuman
      ED1 (Macrophage) rat
      eNOShuman, rat, mouse
      Enterovirus mouse
      ET 1/2/3human
      F4/80 mouse
      Fractalkine rat
      GAP 43human, rat
      GFPhuman, rat, mouse, rabbit
      Glucagonhuman, mouse
      Glut 1human, mouse
      Granzyme Bhuman, rat, mouse
      HLA A2human
      HMGA1 - abcam
      HMGA2 - Biochain
      IgGhuman, rat ,mouse
      IL18 rat
      iNOShuman, rat
      Insulinhuman, mouse
      Integrin human, rat
      Kappa light chainhuman
      KI67human, mouse, rat
      KLF4 mouse
      Lambda light chainhuman
      Lamininhuman, rat, mouse
      Lyve 1human, rat
      MAC2 mouse
      Masp 1/3human
      MASP 2human
      Mast Cell Tryptasehuman, rat
      MHC IIhuman
      Mitochondrial marker
      Moma 1 mouse
      Myeloperoxidasehuman, rat, mouse
      N Cadherinhuman
      Nitrotyrosine mouse
      NKx2.5human, mouse
      OX6 rat
      P selectin (CD62P)human, mouse, pig
      P27Human, mouse, rat
      p53 (CM5)human, mouse
      p53human, mouse
      PADI 1human
      PADI 2human
      PADI 3human
      PADI 4human
      PADI 6human
      PADI PGhuman
      panCK (AE1/AE3)human, mouse, rat, rabbit
      PAX5human, rat, mouse
      PCNA rat
      PECAMhuman, rat, mouse, pig
      PGP 9.5human, rat, guinea pig
      pH2AX (ser139)human, mouse
      phospho STAT3human, rat, mouse
      Plasminogen Kringlehuman
      Prosurfacant Protein Chuman, rat, mouse
      PSA (clone ER-PR8)human
      PTEN D4.3 XP Human, mouse, rat
      PTEN mouse
      Rantes rat
      Rb (4H1) Mouse mAbhuman
      Serca 2 ATPasehuman, pig
      Serum Amyloid mouse
      Smooth Muscle Actinhuman, mouse
      Smooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chainhuman
      Stat 3 (endogenous)human
      Transglutaminase IIhuman, rat, guinea pig
      Transthyrethin (PreAlbumin)human
      TUNELhuman, mouse, rat, dog
      Tyrosine Hydorxylasehuman, rat, mouse, dog
      UPAR (CD87)human
      Urokinase (UPA)human
      VAMP 8human, rat, mouse
      VE Cadherinhuman, mouse
      Veg F Receptor rat, mouse
      Veg F rat
      VegFR1 human
      von Willibrand Factorhuman, rat, mouse, pig, dog

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    Location: Bond St Annex, Room 305 Basement

    For inquiries, please contact:
    Dr. Alan Meeker, Ph.D.
    Email: ameeker@mail.jhmi.edu
    Phone: 410-502-3398

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