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Frida is image analysis software. Frida was developed by the Johns Hopkins University Tissue Microarray Core Facility. Frida is open source and written in 100% Java. Frida makes use of functionality from the NIH's ImageJ application. Note that Frida was integrated with TMAJ, and you should use TMAJ to get the latest functionality from Frida. The old stand-alone version of Frida , however, is still available, although it is deprecated and not actively developed.

Color Deconvolution for TMA images


This is a collection of ImageJ macros (scripts) for performing color deconvolution and analysis of immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining on tissue microarray (TMA) images

NIH ImageJ


ImageJ is a free image processing and analysis program written in Java. It is the mainstay program for image processing with numerous useful macros and plugins to analyze a variety if image features.