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Marc Halushka, M.D., Ph.D.


Marc Halushka Marc Halushka is the director of the TMA core facility. He is responsible for the overall direction and operation of the laboratory.

Alan Meeker, Ph.D.

Co-director, Immunohistochemistry Lab

Alan Meeker Alan Meeker, Ph.D. Is the Director of the Immuohistochemistry Lab which also includes immunofluorescent and in situ studies. He is responsible for setting up and operation of the IHC lab. He will perform consults with clients to assess their needs and advise on providing services to meet the needs of the client. He will provide training and oversight to the IHC staining staff.

Alexander Baras M.D., Ph.D.

Co-director, Imaging Analysis

Alex Baras Alex Baras is the primary pathologist responsible for the operation of the TMA imaging component of the TMA lab. Dr. Halushka also shares the responsibility of QA/QC of control tissues and assists core users with their imaging needs.

Angelo De Marzo, M.D., Ph.D.

Director - Emeritus

Angelo De Marzo Angelo De Marzo, MD, PhD founded the TMA core facility and led it for a decade. He now serves as an advisor to the core.

Helen Fedor

Lab Manager

Helen Fedor Helen Fedor has over 25 years experience in research histology, lab management and supervision. Ms. Fedor is responsible for the overall technical management of the facility and is the direct supervisor of the laboratory. Ms. Fedor handles billing and monthly summaries of billing and is responsible for annual reports. Along with these tasks, Ms. Fedor is responsible for maintenance of all service contracts and equipment in the TMA lab. Ms. Fedor provides oversight and support to the staff and functioning of these areas, she meets with all users of the Core for consultations regarding TMA construction, design and data handling. She teaches new users to use the TMAJ Database to design arrays. Sets up users with Database access and permissions, provides support to TMA lab clientele. Manages and Supervises the TMA Lab personnel as well as performing administrative tasks. Collects control tissue to be used in Arrays.

Bonnie Gambichler

Lab Coordinator

Bonnie Gambichler Bonnie Gambichler has over 20 years in research and clinical histology. Ms Gambichler is resposible for the accessioning of histology projects into the lab. She performs grossing, embedding, sectioning and staining. She offers customers expert advice on the handling of their projects insuring that the highest standards may be met in servcing of these projects. In addition she does invoicing and ordering.

Kristen Lecksell

Imaging Specialist

Kristen Lecksell Kristen Lecksell has over 14 years experience in research, and 5 years experience in virtual microscopy. She is responsible for digitizing tissue on glass slides using The Aperio ScanScope CS to produce virtual microscopy images as well as backing up those images. She troubleshoots scanning hardware and software issues and also interacts with Aperio's Technical Support. She also schedules the yearly preventative maintenance and upgrades. She maintains detailed written and electronic data on the scanned material and administers Spectrum (http://www.aperio.com/pathology-services/spectrumplus-information-management.asp ) which is Aperio's integrated web-based digital pathology information management system. She also interacts with TMAJ (software that supports information and images related to Tissue Micro Arrays - see http://tmaj.pathology.jhmi.edu/#ABOUT) by importing composite TMA images into TMAJ, creating images projects for researchers, giving researchers the correct access to the applications and projects. Ms. Lecksell is a graduate of the Towson University and has a Bachelor of Science in biology.

Karen Fox-Talbot

Senior Research Immunohistochemistry Specialist

Karen Fox-Talbot Karen Fox-Talbot has been performing immunohistochemistry for over 20 years. She recently has begun developing immunofluoresent and in situ hybridization staining methods. Karen is employed by the core facility on a part time basis to assist with the immunohistochemistry projects, particulary those eminating from the northern part of the hospital campus.

Sujayita Roy, PhD

Immunohistochemistry Technologist

Sujayita Roy Sujayita Roy graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York and have research experience in pediatric cancer biology and virology. My responsibilities at the OTS entails conducting and optimizing various IHC stains on tissues, which includes chromogenic, fluorescent, and multiplex staining.

Andre Robinson

Histology Specialist

Andre Robinson Andre Robinson got his start in histology working as an archivist at JHH in 2004. In 2007 he made the transition into the histology lab working as a histologist. He worked in several labs and has continued to enjoying learning all aspects of histology both in the clinical and research areas. Andre hopes to continue to grow in his knowledge and skills in grossing, embedding, sectioning and staining. He especially enjoys the research atmosphere of the lab.

Loretha Myers

Research Specialist

Loretha Myers Loretha is the OTS Core Labs newest team member and brings with her 20 plus years of research experience at Johns Hopkins University. She has experience in Histology, Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, and Molecular Biology. Loretha is looking forward to making a valuable contributions to the clinical and research services that the Oncology Tissue Service Core provides.

Wanda Stirling

Histology Specialist

Wanda Stirling Wanda L.H. Stirling has over 22 years of experience in research, IHC, tissue culture, lab management and clinical histology. She has worked in the department of Pathology for most of her years at Johns Hopkins University. Wanda receive her M.S. from Virginia State University in Petersburg Virginia. She is looking forward to being a valuable contributing member to the OTS team as Lab Coordinator.

Marcela ("Cellie") Southerland

Casual histotechnician

Cellie Southerland Marcela ("Cellie") Southerland has over 40 years in research and clinical Histology, lab management and supervision. Ms. Southerland is responsible for receiving and registering blocks and circled slides, construction and sectioning of all TMAs, and sectioning of all TMAs. She also performs H&E staining and immunohistochemical staining for TMA quality control. Ms. Southerland is responsible for maintaining all TMA blocks and all TMA slides that have not been distributed to investigators, and for maintaining log books and recording database entries for all TMA slides.

Jim Morgan

Software Engineer, Consultant

Jim Morgan Jim Morgan was the principal software developer for several of the core facility's software programs including TMAJ, which provides comprehensive tissue-microarray and specimen management, as well as Frida, which provides image-analysis. He currently serves as a technical consultant to the core.