Slide Scanning - Whole Slide and TMAs
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We can scan your whole standard slides or tissue microarray slides.
Benefits of whole slide scanning include:

  • Save hours of time by not having to take photomicrographs of your slides with a digital camera.
  • Publication quality bright field images at any magnification up to 40X.
  • Free Web-based viewing software - OTS Web Storage.
  • Automated TMA segmentation for highthroughput IHC analysis.

QA Policy - Effective 6/26/14

In order to improve our throughput and reduce the turnaround time for scanning, standard histology slides scanned at 20x or 40x will no longer receive additional manual QA after the run. If you are unhappy with a scan on a slide in this category, please return it and we will rescan it free of charge.

For $1 more/slide we will QA your slides, if requested.


Please note that these prices are for JHU Cancer Center members. Rates for non-cancer members affliated with JHU are 10% higher. Non-JHU affiliates should send inquiry to Helen Fedor ( Prices are subject to change and these changes will be reflected at the iLab site.
Routine Histo Slide Set-up and Scan 20 X
Routine Histo Slide Set-up and Scan 40 X $25.00
Routine Histo Slide Set-up and Scan 40 X (biopsy)
Manual QA after scanning for Histo slides
Routine Cytology Smear (pap / blood) Slide Set-up and Scan 20 X
Routine Cytology Smear (pap / blood) Slide Set-up and Scan 40 X
TMA as Histoslide
TMA Segmented
Rush Charges
$1.50 / Histoslide and $10.00 / TMA slide

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  • We no longer offer work request forms here. All requests must go through our campus-wide iLab tool.

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Slide Cleaning

    Clean a slide with alcohol

    Shave excess labels from a slide

    Remove excess mounting media from a slide

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Sheikh Zayed Tower - M2101
1800 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

For inquiries, please contact:
Kristen Lecksell
Phone: 410-502-7452


Digitally Scanned Slide Storage Policy

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