Aperio ImageScope



ImageScope is the viewing software used in conjunction with digitally scanned slides. It is free and available directly from Aperio. It is used with all .svs files and can also open .jpg and .tif files. ImageScope is also used in conjunction with the Aperio Spectrum server. This is the location where digitally scanned slides are placed. One must access ImageScope through the Spectrum server to use any of the licensed analysis tools such as color deconvolution or rare event detector.

ImageScope Tutorials

Aperio has made their "Aperio University" tutorials available for learning how to use ImageScope. This is a great source for understanding this useful program.

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to ImageScope
  • Lesson 2 Tour ImageScope
  • Lesson 3 Open and Navigate a Digital Slide
  • Lesson 4 Synchronized Viewing of Multiple Digital Slides
  • Lesson 5 Annotate the Digital Slide
  • Lesson 6 Use the Annotations Window - The Detailed View
  • Lesson 7 Use the Annotations Window - The Summary View
  • Lesson 8 Additional ImageScope Tools

    ImageScope User Guides (.pdf files)

  • Image Quality
  • ImageScope Links

  • Download ImageScope Viewer